Sherlock Homes Inspection Service Ltd - Rochester, NY

Sherlock Homes Inspection Service Ltd works mainly in the following locations: Rochester, New York; Canandaigua, New York; Monroe County; Ontario County; Wayne County; Livingston County; Yates County and Seneca County. For further information please contact us today.


An objective and organized evaluation of a potential property is the best way to minimize risk and avoid any major repairs or unpleasant surprises due to structural problems. Sherlock Homes Inspection Service has assisted a large number of home buyers in making their buying decision with peace of mind.

A Professional Inspection is an examination of the current condition of the property. The goal of the Inspector is simply to describe, in detail, the condition of the property and inform you in advance what type of repairs, if any, to anticipate. The inspector will not necessarily advise you on whether you should buy the property or not.

Our Services

At Sherlock Holmes Inspection Services we provide the following inspections:

  • A Full Home Inspection
  • Additional Advanced Inspection Upon Request
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

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